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tv   Newscenter 5 at Six  ABC  August 23, 2016 6:00pm-6:31pm EDT

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bracelet and according to all the information we have he cut the bracelet off and that is why we weren't able to locate him as quickly as we wanted to. we were looking for him over the past 16 hours. shaun: tonight, boston police are crediting that young victim for her courage to come forward and identify her attacker. shaun chaiyabhat, wcvb newscenter 5. making an emergency landing in a reservoir. jc: the pilot coming down on the sandbar, landing on the side, located in new salem. todd kazakiewich is live at the reservoir. what happened? todd: the good news is that the pilot is ok. he is uninjured. the other thing we can tell you is that this was not a crash, by
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to show you the view. you can see the aircraft is experimental. the pilot reported engine troubles before making the emergency landing. state police say troopers responded in a boat. the pilot is the 45-year-old man. it is not clear how or when the plane is going to be removed. state police there is apparently no risk to the water supply. we will keep you posted as we get new details. taltal-- ben: this map shows where the plane landed, what it usually looks like. yes, that's underwater but it is in right now,. jc: a man in brooklyn rushed to the hospital after he was hit by
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chambers. police tell us the worker was going down this alley when this bigotry lynn came down. it was due to some trimming work. police say a big branch came down, up to a foot in diameter. herb chambers has said the victim is 29 years old, at last check he was in surgery with very serious injuries. >>ll being made, people yelling. i didn't know what was going on. i came down and there was a guy laying with the branch on top of him. >> it's really sad. a man you see every day, and for something like that to happen, it is really sad. john: that woman had just seen the victim. he often comes around the corner to grab a sandwich.
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john atwater, wcvb newscenter 5. ben: breaking in boston, a construction worker is rushed to the hospital with serious injuries after falling three stories office scaffolding. a worker was at the scene, telling us the victim was a bricklayer. the fall was between 50 to 60 feet, with the victim landing on a point below. a former baystate senator is fighting back, strongly denying claims by a ne host that he sexually harassed her. jc: well the allegations surfacing against the cable channel. david b nick caught up at his home today. david? david go good evening. that referenced lawsuit is 30 pages long and he is in just one paragraph. scott and his wife stepped outside their home, saying they just heard about the
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reporters, so far out of left field. david: during an appearance, -- he told her in a suggestive manner that he would go to a club with her. later she says he snuck up behind her and put his hand on her lower waste. >> i have no knowledge of what she is referring to. i never touched. >> i have no knowledge of that. david: the lawsuit does not name brown as the defendant, instead she is suing fox news channel and several executives for nearly $50 million for creating a "sx-fueled, playboy mansion like cult."
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abuse. his wife says he has never been accused of anything like this before. >> to be charged like this in a public forum is outrageous, and should be illegal. what is happening here is nothing less than a witchhunt. david: he says he is ready to swear under oath that the accusations are false. plans to take them up on the offer. davidbie-- ben: we heard from tom brady, back in business on the practice field after missing two practices from what were called personal reasons. like lynch joins us with more, including with what brady is saying. mike: when asked where he was, tom brady said he had to take
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last thursday night when he was trying to get something out of his shoe with a pair of scissors and they slept. he said he wanted to play in the game by bill belichick that it was best if he took it easy. >> only one time i ever missed for an injury. i have always felt like the team is counting on me to be out there make sure i about their. mike: in a couple minutes will be joined live there. jc: a car slamming into a work zone the ted williams tunnel. you can see that the car slammed into the arrow set up in the center lane. nobody was working in the work zone. nobody was hurt. no word on if the driver was injured.
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hampshire is accused of sexually assaulting a child. he turned himself in monday to police in manchester. 37-year-old is the former pastor at the dialogue church on pine street. according to court documents, he was leading the congregation at the time of the allegation, and the alleged victim is under 16. he is now out on bail. ben: a former new hampshire bus driver will serve a sentence after he wasvi counts of misdemeanor assault. three students were injured when it struck a tree. he admitted to looking down at his phone to check the status of the download. today he tells the court he feels lasting guilt. >> [indiscernible]
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a suspended sentence. >> it is really scary. i want to know what happened. ben: that's a mother waiting for answers on how her daughter died well falling out of a bus. >> it makes the kids a smile. jc: it is still summer, but that little girl is playing santa. harvey: weather so pleasant, tropics continuing to get active. ben: and tom brady back on the field for the first time since cutting his hand. how that valuable right hand is doing, because there is football
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kelly ayotte: thanks, buddy. i'm kelly ayotte.: and when i take the plate for new hampshire... i'm up against a political machine that plays dirty -- throwing millions in false, negative ads... i'm out here knocking down every lie... that's why i'm batting for good-paying jobs, to protect social security and medicare... ...and help families pay for college... i approved this message because no matter what they're throwing at me...
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>> it's part of the disappointment, not hearing from them. >> we want to know. we have a lot of questions and we don't have answers. jc: grandmother is looking for answers in the death of her daughter. she died in a bizarre accident and east boston. ben: window. rhondella richardson spoke to her. she is live in dorchester. rhondella: the woman tells me she is still recovering, the best friend of the deceased. she grew up here in dorchester, but lived in malden. the family is filled with grief and eager for more information. >> everybody loves her.
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she shares a photo, a smile, the last time she was seen alive. >> i want to know what happened, what really happened, with my baby. rhondella: she was just shy of her 27th birthday. passengers and friends said it was a lingerie party, and she was leaning on a window when it popped out, dropping her onto the route 1a. >> in the i don't know. rhondella: would it make sense that she was opening the window? >> no. rhondella: it was contrary to the statement that says one of the passengers kept trying to open that specific window for air. she worked as a security guard. the family says she would know the danger; she would know
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emergency window. >> yes. rhondella: the company has not contacted this family and that is a huge disappointment for them. that party bus is still in the custody of the police and they are still investigating. rhondella richardson, wcvb newscenter 5. ben: harvey is tracking two systems in the tropics. jc: which may be of greater concern. plus, a sweet is a
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ben: having fun as boston gears up for the school year. the back-to-school celebration is time for thousands of students to collect school supplies to start the year. they also have the chance to shoot hoops while taking part in
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but a little girl already knows about paying it forward. jc: next at 6:00, reid lamberty shows us what's behind her special mission to make other kid smile. reid: she's been here before. she has walked a mile in their shoes and knows their pain. also, not all healing comes from medicine. the 11-year-old drop soft toys to kids who are recovering from surgeon surgery. she has been doing it for years after noticing one of her own visits here did not have enough toys. >> i was upset, so i thought about it, and i came up with this. reid: just last month, eight months after surgery, she
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a mile and a half to give to kids. >> they may be sitting back and not doing anything, and when they have a toy they have something to do. reid: and she has down donated more than 20,000 -- now donated more than $20,000 with toys. >> it' means so much to me, to see the kids smile. reid: and hoping it spreads like a disease. >> for a long time. reid: reid lamberty, wcvb newscenter 5. ben: did you see those smiles? year to year. -- youear to ear. harvey: no price for that. it was cool early this morning, with the windows open. it was chilly. it was 47, a lot of 40's and
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bouncing back to a 80's for high temperatures in many areas. and it is just a beautiful, beautiful august evening. anytime you get low humidity in august. the wind is west. side that is certainly going to start to warm up. the humidity will lag by a day around 80 and it is comfortable throughout the region. it is humid around washington and that oppressive air has been pushed to the south and west. i think you will feel the difference on thursday and especially on friday. it should turn more comfortable again during the weekend. but the next few days it is
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with friday being the most uncomfortable day of the next five or six. . as uncomfortable tonight, just a wonderful evening. tomorrow's high temperatures about five to seven degrees above normal, which means it could be one or two spots to make it to the 90 degree mark. of course the west-southwest wind is off the water, not that the water is that cold. it will make it just slightly cooler. temperature, 75 at buzzards bay, 76 at cape cod canal. coastal hampshire, upper 60's. another day. i. -- another day. y full of sunshine. this has been our body giving us this nice reprieve, which has
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warmer tomorrow, more humid on thursday, and as the front approaches, a few spotty thunderstorms could be in the region. this is the latest tropical storm, and it will probably become a hurricane soon. even though this is just a tropical wave, for us this has more potential significance. it looks like it will make an approach of the bahamas, within the next t t that is of course noteworthy. in the meantime, gaston is intensifying into a hurricane and it looks like it will be staying east of bermuda. in the meantime, another sparkling day tomorrow, it will add some humidity thursday with
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should be reasonable on sunday. hopefully that is another outstanding summer weekend. we will talk more about the rain in the next hour. >> now, here's mike lynch with sportscenter 5. mike: past two days, tom brady was back at practice and talking about the accident with a pair of scissors that scratched him. josh brodeur joins us live with we last saw tom brady last wednesday at practice getting ready for the game against the bears. then he cut his thumb. the team was off for two days; he was excused, but he was back today talking about the silly accident. >> i let out a pretty loud word i wouldn't repeat in front of my kids. josh: the pretty loud word now
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relief has six letters, but also sums him back at practice, explaining that he wanted to and intended to play the second preseason game against the bears last thursday. >> i wanted to go, but the coach said it's best if we just pull it out. josh: he confirmed that had hisu would have been in their. >> i wanted to go back and play that your two. -- that year, too. josh: the final big test for jimmy garoppolo is likely gave three before september 11, but you never know. >> nothing has changed. all three quarterbacks are extremely important. jimmy's preparation for
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rebecca really gives the ball away? >> learn from it, hopefully operate more seriously. josh: i saw gronk in the locker room, looks like he had just had a workout, but he was not on the field with his teammates. mike: thank you. in addition to gronk not being there, joesh clay buchholz will go for the sox in saint pete, jackie bradley, jr. back. the sox are tied for first place in the american league east. seattle. seattle last night, sean o'malley with a great catch for the mariners.
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sean o'malley has it, then he's going full force ahead. this was not bad. silver medalist. ben: then he has to run 8 million miles. time to flash forward to 7:00 and 11:00, an brazen crime. a man stole an autographed patriots helmet. the new conversation that these had with the restaurant owner. jc: and tonight at 11:00, target may owe you money. the refunds being handed out for a pricey product that is
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ben: i wouldn't imagine brady would play, but anything could happen. mike: he could change his mind on the done. he could suddenly say he would start.
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tonight, donald trump taking aim. new and scathing attacks on hillary clinton. amid new reports about who got to meet with clinton while she was secretary of state. and tonight, clinton herself responding to trump's claims about her health. also tonight what we've now learned about the deadly police shooting. the young father, who was deaf, pouring through police videos. was he trying to use sign language when he was shot? the state of emergency. the wildfires tonight. also, the severe storms hitting the middle of the country this evening, as president obama visits the flood-ravaged south. the uproar tonight. the student athlete who walks free, accused of sexually assaulting two of his classmates. the judge tonight under fire. and american families fleelsed again?


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